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Choose To Believe

Here is a summary of the seven modules included in the audio workshop of  Choose To Believe:

choose to believe


Choose To Believe

Choose To Believe – Session 1 (about 80 minutes) covers the evidence proving that our beliefs are the cause of everything we experience in life.  This session is important because it gives us a REASON to believe in our dreams, and makes the rest of the process much more effective.

Choose To Believe – Session 2 (about 80 minutes) covers some of the other foundational material and starts getting into how to discover what you currently believe.  A list of 70 questions is presented for you to use in self-discovery using a belief scale.

Choose To Believe - Session 3 (about 65 minutes) continues the discovery process and shows how to use my “Belief Archeology” process to dig deep into your belief system to uncover specific beliefs behind a specific issue.  2 examples are used to make sure this process is clearly understood.  I also show how to use this same process to find supporting beliefs that will help you reach your goals.

Choose To Believe - Session 4 (about 72 minutes) covers the basic techniques for changing what you believe, and how to make sure you’re doing them correctly.  Visualization, affirmations, and hypnosis are covered, with examples and mistakes to avoid.

Choose To Believe - Session 5 (about 47 minutes) reveals some advanced techniques for changing what you believe.  Pacing and Leading Affirmations are explained, and a 2-minute example guides you in creating a belief that you are lucky, which can help improve every aspect of life.  Another example helps to build your belief that everything works out well for you.  The concept of “faith anchoring” is presented, which is something that can instantly change a belief.  A 3rd powerful technique is also revealed and explained.

Choose To Believe - Session 6 (about 35 minutes) talks about what to do AFTER you change your beliefs.  How to watch for the manifestation of your desires.  How to speed up results.  How to handle resistance.  Building momentum, and more.

Choose To Believe – Session 7 (about 50 minutes) is a bonus Q&A session in which I answer 14 common questions about the power of belief and creating change in your life.  Some of the questions answered include:

What if two people want opposite things? Is there any upper mind to decide?
How can I have abundance that is not at the expense of others or the Earth?
How do I make my desires manifest fast?
How do I keep doubt from entering my mind?
How can you banish negative thoughts permanently?
Why do we sabotage ourselves?
Can I influence in a positive way other people?

JUST ADDED!! — Choose To Believe Workshop #2 (2011)

This workshop presentation is tighter, focusing on the most critical information you need to start changing what you believe right away.  Although it covers much the same information as the original recordings, the alternate focus of this version is sure to give you added insight into the nature of beliefs and the systems used to change them.

Also, new information has been included to reflect what I’ve learned in the intervening 2.5 years.  In fact, Session 5 describes a way to eliminate almost all of the work involved in changing what you believe to support a life filled with success and happiness.

Session 1: Why Beliefs Matter.  This 48-minute session covers the foundational information you need to understand before starting to work with your belief system.  In this version, I feel that the relationship between the various viewpoints has been better explained, and why it doesn’t matter whether the “Law of Attraction” is real or not.

Session 2: Discover Your Beliefs.  This 52-minute session provides you with all the tools you need to map out your belief system — uncovering both limiting beliefs and beliefs which will help you achieve your goals.  The Belief Archeology process has been updated to be much easier to use.

Session 3: Basic Belief Change Techniques.  This 68-minute session covers affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, and more.  Although the techniques taught in this session are the same as they were in the previous version, the descriptions make it easier to understand how these techniques work.

Session 4: Advanced Belief Change Techniques.  This 39-minute session describes “pacing and leading” affirmations, submodality modification, faith anchoring, and subliminal suggestion, and how to use each for quick and easy results.  Again, the descriptions used in this version make the relationship between these advanced techniques and traditional techniques easy to understand.

Session 5: EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System.  This 38-minute session describes a new option that did not exist when the original workshop recordings were produced.  This new option provides a way to eliminate all of the work involved in changing what you believe.  For many folks, the results produced with this new option are actually BETTER than what they could achieve on their own using the other techniques.

Session 6: Assisting the Manifestation Process.  This 41-minute session describes what you can do after you’ve changed what you believe to speed up the manifestation process.  This session also answers a series of questions which were submitted by recent workshop participants, to provide a wider view on the material.

Who is it for?

The Choose to Believe programme can benefit anyone who feels they maybe holding negative beliefs which could be in conflict with their current desires and goals.

Who might it not be right for?

Challenging deeply ingrained beliefs can be an uncomfortable process and therefore this course may not be suitable for those who easily become stressed or emotional.
Some may find this process simply too difficult and if you are not persistent and have a degree of resilience, it may not be advisable to attempt this course.

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